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Monday, August 27, 2007

money, money, money, money . . .

Sometimes I get so angry that so many people believe that foster parents make this life changing, momentous decision for money. I really wish sometimes that I could publish my budget and let everyone see how much money I am not making. Usually I am struggling just to pay daycare, keep everyone clothed, buy diapers and pay for those little extras that come alone (Hello Wiggles show and Adventure Aquarium tickets).

I know that my family is unusual in that I have three under three and that the expenses should lesson as they enter kindergarten but I can't imagine that it would lessen that significantly. Regardless, the mere thought that there are people out there when they hear I'm a foster parent think that I do if for the money makes me cringe. Truthfully I would do it without the monthly stipend. It would be difficult since I am a single parent and only have one income but I would find a way because I love them all so much. I am their parent and I would do anything I had to do to support them. I wish people understood this . . . and didn't so quickly jump to the stereotypes.


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Good post.