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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Monthly SW Visit

We met with little charmer's social worker last night. She has to come out once a month to see her in our home. When she got there we arranged it so that my mother took the older children off to take a bath. They so have no boundaries and were trying to sit in her lap within two minutes and wanting her to come and play with them. They are certainly not shy and I think she (being childless and in her mid twenties) was a little taken aback. (That is a whole other posting!)

The sw sat next to me on the couch and I had the baby in my arms. Charmer was, of course, her charming self. She was smiling, singing and dancing. The sw was surprised and said "I have never seen her so happy and relaxed". I'm thinking, well, yeah since when you see her she is being handed over to strange people that she sees maybe once a week (and I mean maybe). She doesn't know them, she is in an unfamiliar environment and everyone is tense. I told her "This is what she is like the other 99% of the week".. . Happy.