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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Back To School Mania

I am completely new to this back to school mania that has suddenly taken over every conversation around me, all sale papers, and the aisle of every store. I feel like I need to buy, buy, buy even though my little ones will not be starting kindergarten until next year. They go to preschool now so I have to pack their lunch every morning and make sure they have their swimsuit on Tuesday, etc. We don't have to worry yet, though, about new clothes, pencils, crayons, or any of that. On one of my favorite blogs (http://www.thisfullhouse.com) today I saw this back to school event being discussed where different products will be reviewed and also given away. I can't wait to see what is posted so that I can begin to prepare myself both mentally and financially for next year!


Anonymous said...

I hear you -- totally not ready here, either -- thanks for the linky love.

Blogging about our Back-to-school event earns our readers 3 extra (for a total of 4) chances to win!

Good luck.