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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekend Grays

Ugh! This has been one lOOOOOONG weekend! Of course the weekend that we are doing respite is a long, rainy, wet, gray weekend where we can't go outside and explore the natural wonders of the world and (more to the point) burn off excess energy. In addition, my Alayna and I spent 6 hours in the Union emergency room early Saturday morning as she was running a high fever, had a headache and wasn't making any sense when she was talking to me. 6 hours, one chest xray, and a prescription of strong antibiotics later we returned home where we crashed for exactly . . . 2 hours! Then she was ready to go (albeit a little slower than before) and I was ready to cry from the sleep deprivation. Today has progressed much better but, of course, tomorrow is Monday which means all those weekend chores need to be completed and then we are off running at full speed again.