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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Backyardigans Live Trip

I must have been insane! I bought the tickets months ago after the fourth time we saw the commercial and happy explorer said "I have to see that" while he jumped up and down for 20 minutes!!

It is the first show (spectacle, extravaganza?) that he has really been interested in so we arranged it as a surprise and a surprise it was. . . You know we really didn't like it very much. The animated, witty, cute Backyardigans that we are used to on our T.V. don't translate well to the stage. Unlike the Elmo show which we saw this winter, the costumes or the skill of the actors never allowed you to really believe that they were the real Backyardigans.

I would say that the children were disappointed but they are preschoolers. They left the arena smiling, clutching their $5.00 bag of popcorn and wearing their $20.00 T shirts. Unfortunately (for me and my pocketbook) I think they would have been just as happy with a trip to the playground. Sigh.