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Sunday, May 04, 2008

The cure for jealousy. . . shoe shopping of course!

This morning I noticed that everytime I held little charmer, sweetie pie's behavior got out of control. The jealousy was so over the top. I swear she actually looked a little green. I decided to take the afternoon and have some one on one mommy time with just sweetie pie. We went to eat, went shopping, and went the the library.

It was so great.

I hardly remember what it was like to have one child. She has suddenly hit this age where she really wants my undivided attention and she will do anything to get it. Today I saw many moments of relief reflected in her behavior, her affectionate hugs and kisses, and her calm, sunny attitude. I will definitely be scheduling more solo time with my sweetie.

On a side note, I think the most fun we had was in the shoe store. She tried on all these shoes in my size and she LOVES shoes. I'm so proud. Maybe we can find time every other week to go shoe shopping!!!

I love having daughters. :)