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Monday, May 26, 2008


It is amazing to me but I fall in love with my sweetie pie over and over again. Growing up when I thought about having children or being a mother (which was very rare as I was sure I was going to be a jet setting career woman with no kids), I saw myself with babies. Occasionally I would think about the dance class my daughter would take or think about her wedding day but, truthfully, the appealing part was being a mother to a baby. When my first daughter came into my life, this view was reinforced. She was a beautiful baby . . . and charming . . . and smart. I was living my dream; only now she is turning four and I have some trepidation about being a mother to an elementary school child, and then a preteen, and then a teenager. I will stop there as I don't want to break out in hives or start hyperventilating!
The great thing that I've noticed in the last few days, however, is that it continues to be great to be sweetie pie's mother. I am enthralled by her every day in different ways. Ways that I couldn't have imagined when I didn't have her. Today we were heading out for our weekend coffee run. This has become such a routine in our household that my children now associate Saturday with coffee and donuts (no joke). Sweetie pie has had a fascination with gum for about 2 months now. She is constantly rifling through my purse to find some and, I'm sure, has some stashed around the house as she keeps popping up chewing gum when we haven't given any to her that day. Anyway . . . I digress. . . We were having some mother and daughter time and I asked her if she wanted a piece of gum and she said without even looking up "No thank you" but it sounded like "No, gainchew". I wanted to cry right there. This might be the last time she says it like that. Recently I noticed that she doesn't call my sister Aunt "Mareny" anymore but says "Mary". I feel all of these little losses everyday and I want to stop time so that I can cry or laugh or just completely remember every detail. And then there are the achievements. She said "No, thank you" . . . unsolicited . . . without her mother reminding her to be polite. When did that happen?

Now I know I can say, I loved the baby phase of her life and I'm loving the preschooler but I can't wait to see the teenager too. :)