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Monday, May 05, 2008

Monday Blog Fun!

If you get something out of a vending machine, it's most likely the: Cheezits
A word you sometimes catch yourself misspelling: Sequential
You least want people to see you as: Expendable
You're a little scared of: Gas
The least attractive thing you do in your sleep: Drool
The number of contacts in your cell phone: 31
How many of them are restaurants: 2
You lose your cool when someone: Attacks
When you go to the drugstore, you often can't leave without buying: Candy
Your dance moves can best be described as: nonexistent
The majority of your underwear is: Practical
Something you eat even though you hate how bad it is for you: frys
You think you're really not a great: Dancer
How much cash is in your wallet right now: $20
The majority of your shoes are this color: Black
You don't think you'll ever be able to get rid of your: Shopping
If your breath is bad, it's most likely because you had the: Onions
You feel embarrassed when you: Overreact
The last public place where you used the restroom: library
Something you don't like to debate in mixed company: Politics
You don't think you can pull off wearing: Shorts
Something you own entirely too much of: Skirts
Someone you would love to see in concert who might bring down your street cred: NKOTB
The last thing that you spilled on yourself: dressing
If you were on a reality show, the producers would likely portray/characterize you as the: Sidekick

This list came from one of my favorite blogs (Sarcomical)

Here are the ground rules from said blog:
*Okay, here are the Newbie Ground Rules:
After reading my answers, copy and paste the list into your comment.
Change my one-word responses with yours (yes, only ONE WORD, even if it makes you want to pull your brains through your tear duct - and I design the statements to make it possible if you're clever enough, which of COURSE you are).
Submit your comment.
And hey, you can always post your finished list on your blog, too. (Yes, a post idea! You're welcome.) Link back here if you're feeling nice. Enjoy!